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Past Leaders

Past Chapter Presidents & Directors
Year President Director
1960 Tom Wilson Orville Luedtke
1961 Dick McIntyre Orville Luedtke
1962 Ted Renfro Orville Luedtke
1963 J. B. Murphy Orville Luedtke
1964 Ted Dinsmore Orville Luedtke
1965 Charlie Jackson Orville Luedtke
1966 Bob Sanders Orville Luedtke
1967 Jim Crismond Tom Wilson
1968 Gene Jackson Tom Wilson
1969 Pete Wood Gene Jackson
1970 Ed Mullaney Gene Jackson / Wally Bailey
1971 Bill Van Leuvan Gene Jackson / Dick Bentz
1972 Lee Simonson Dick Bentz
1973 Tom Stabler Mike DeGirolamo
1974 Vince Walsh Mike DeGirolamo
1975 Mike Miller Dick Bentz
1976 Mike Miller Bill James
1977 Dick Lahr Bill James
1978 Al Minnick Al Butler
1979 Harold Goldberg Al Butler
1980 Joe Konzelman Al Butler
1981 Vince Walsh Al Butler
1982 Bob Silberg Ric Taylor / Dave Rogers
1983 Ted Davila Dave Rogers
1984 Tim Leydig Dave Rogers / Gene Jackson
1985 Tim Leydig Gene Jackson
1986 Henry Krautwurst Gene Jackson
1987 Wally Bailey Joe Stangl
1988 Lee Custer Joe Stangl
1989 William Connor Joe Stangl
1990 William Connor Cal Sexton
1991 Lee Custer Cal Sexton
1992 Lee Custer Cal Sexton
1993 Bob Silberg -Searching-
1994 Bob Silberg Mike DeGirolamo
1995 Mike Edison Mike DeGirolamo
1996 Dean Kempton Mike DeGirolamo
1997 Dave Bonnell Mike DeGirolamo
1998 Dave Bonnell Mike DeGirolamo
1999 Darrel Dietlein Mike DeGirolamo / Myra Tate
2000 Richard Cook Myra Tate / Robin Blythe
2001 Donn Mader Robin Blythe
2002 Donn Mader Robin Blythe
2003 Jay Reiss Robin Blythe
2004 Jay Reiss Robin Blythe
2005 Jay Reiss Robin Blythe / Sally Wolfe
2006 John Alexander / Jon Reed Sally Wolfe
2007 Jon Reed Sally Wolfe
2008 Jon Reed Barry Davis / Kris Zinkievich
2009 Jon Reed / Jay Reiss Kris Zinkievich
2010 Jay Reiss Kris Zinkievich
2011 Jay Reiss Kris Zinkievich / Barry Davis
2012 Jay Reiss Barry Davis
2013 Jay Reiss Barry Davis
2014 Jay Reiss Barry Davis
2015 Jay Reiss Barry Davis
2016 Doug Mader Barry Davis

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